I have received a lot of criticism this week for an unpopular opinion I stand firmly behind. I truly believe that if it is not busy at Wawa, it's okay to run inside. Yeah, people are not happy with this at all.

TSM via Canva.com

Well, it looks like I will be getting the last laugh. Mwahahaha. I took to Twitter asking Wawa if it's cool with them if people go inside while getting gas. Via liking tweets, Wawa has officially confirmed their stance on this polarizing issue. It may send all of you naysayers into a tizzy.

For reference here is the original tweet:


I took the liberty of taking screenshots of the responses we got that Wawa "liked."


Dawn replied with a simple "Affirmative," and Wawa went ahead liking that tweet and our GIF reactions agreeing with her's and other responses.

Which tweet did they not click that like button on?


That's right, the only tweet disagreeing with me.

I will take all of this concrete evidence as proof that Wawa believes it is quite alright to run into the store while getting gas.

DISCLAIMER: I only do this when the gas station is not busy and would not do it if there were a lot of people at the pumps.