A situation that started out with a tow truck and a homeowner in Gloucester Township Sunday night, ended five hours later after a tense standoff with police.

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It all started around 11:30 p.m. Sunday at Lawncrest Lane in the Cherrywood section of Clementon when Gloucester Township police showed up to tow a broken down car belonging to Oliver Ndemezeng that was committing a parking violation, according to Patch.com.

That's when 33-year-old Ndemezeng appeared in a second floor window where he threw a bottle at the tow truck driver's head. Luckily, he missed.

But that attempted assault is only where this story begins as Ndemezeng began making threats against the police. He continued to throw objects at them from the window, including a mug, plates, and even knives.

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The man eventually barricaded himself inside the home leaving Gloucester Township Police to call in the SWAT team and the Crisis Negotiations Team. They were able to safely evacuate others that had been inside the home at the time the standoff began, as well as a portion of the surrounding neighborhood.

Ndemezeng still wasn't backing down. Once police were able to get inside the home, they found the man hiding in the attic. Ndemezeng reportedly tried to set the arresting officers on fire with some sort of flammable liquid and a blow torch. He'd been throwing homemade Molotov cocktails at them all night from the window, according to Patch.com.

Gloucester Township Police Media Release: Man Arrested After 5 1/2 Hour Standoff While Throwing "Molotov Cocktails" And...

Posted by Gloucester Township Police on Monday, October 19, 2020

Once Ndemezeng was in custody, he was sent to an area hospital for medical evaluation. Among the charges he now faces are second-degree aggravated arson, second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and two counts of third-degree aggravated assault.

The fine men and women of the GTPD really locked down this situation, and no one was seriously hurt. It's a shame they even had to deal with it in the first place.

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