I was born and raised in New Jersey, but I realized I don't like or do things many people from New Jersey do and like.

So, here is my confession for all of the internet to read.

I am from New Jersey, but I don't like pork roll.

I know, this is a rough one.

It's not that I hate pork roll, but honestly I would never order it. If I was at someone's house and they were making pork roll I would eat, but I would prefer not. This could be because I didn't grow up eating it so I never became obsessed with it like everyone else in New Jersey seems to be. I would much rather a bacon, egg and cheese.


I am from New Jersey, but I don't like Bruce Springsteen.

I am going to refer to my childhood again for this one. My mom used to talk about the dance clubs in Asbury. Many of them had dress codes, but because Bruce Springsteen was and is a big name he was able to get in with his ripped jeans and t-shirt. I never got into his music. However, I did go to a concert of his and he was entertaining. That man has a lot of energy.

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I am from New Jersey, but I don't lay out on sunny, warm days.

I am a pale girl, always have been always will be. When the weather is warm I see all of my friends posting on Facebook pictures and statuses about how they are laying out to get some sun. I've never been one to follow this trend.

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U.S. Gas Prices Reach 13-Month High

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I am from New Jersey, but I don't like New York or Philly teams.

Let's go through each sport shall we? I am not a baseball fan, however being from Toms River I have been routing for the Yankees only for Todd Frazier. If he is no longer on the team I won't care anymore. I am not a basketball fan. I enjoy hockey, but I don't like the Devils, Rangers, Flyers, nor Islanders. I would probably pick the Ducks because of my brother. For football I am a 49ers fan. Sorry, not sorry.

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I am from New Jersey, but I've never seen an episode of The Sopranos nor Boardwalk Empire.

Again, sorry, not sorry.

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