It's not over yet. There is yet another hurricane in action, and by next week, New Jersey is likely to get the tail end of a weakening Hurricane Nate.

ABC News reports that Tropical Storm Nate has been officially upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane, and has already torn a path through parts of Central America, killing at least 22 people and leaving at least 15 others missing.

It's currently forecast to hit the Gulf with hazardous storm conditions by Saturday evening and make landfall in Alabama early Sunday, making its way Northward where it will weaken in Tennessee.

According to, by next week New Jersey will be experiencing the significantly weakened after-effects of the storm beginning as early as Saturday evening with showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. The Northeast will not be affected as heavily as some southeastern U.S. states, where multiple hurricane warnings and states of emergency have been declared in Alabama, Mississippi, parts of Georgia and the panhandle of Florida.


Source:, ABC News

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