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Will children go back to school this fall in New Jersey? Do you think they should? Will you send your kids back if the school is open in September? These are just some of the questions parents are asking themselves as summer starts to wind down.

In a recent Patch article, there was a report in which teachers in the Garden State put together what they want to return to school safely in September.

Here are some of the items the NJEA  listed:

  • Masks should be worn door-to-door.
  • Students and staff must wear face coverings at their bus stops and prior to boarding the buses.
  • Each district should provide weekly on-site testing of all students and staff at no cost.
  • The district should provide testing for all students and staff during the week prior to the first day of attendance.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained at all time
  • Hallways and passing areas should be marked to allow for one-way travel as needed.
  • Plexiglass barriers should be installed where social distancing isn't possible.

How do you feel as a parent?

How do your kids feel as students?

The question of "will" and/or "how" school could be this September is still up for debate and there are three sides to the debate. Go, don't go or I can't make up my mind? Where do you stand?

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