Next time you're driving on the road, check to see if you see a thin blue line between the double yellow line.

I was browsing through, and this sparked my curiosity. says a thin blue line has been appearing in New Jersey downtowns, parks, country roads and main streets.

Everyone knows (good drivers at least) that a double yellow line means to not cross, and there is two way traffic. So what in the world does the thin blue line mean?

This latest trend seen mostly in North Jersey -for now- is a way to show support for police officers in New Jersey.

Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet tells,"It's a chance for the community to say something about how we value the police department." In the wake of shootings targeting officers, it shows New Jersey's solidarity and support. reports the thin blue line is fully legal, and it's up to the state, county or municipality whether or not they choose to paint a blue line.

Thanks to Jennifer on Facebook, I've been informed Oaklyn has the thin blue line through out the main part of town. If you have seen it anywhere else in South Jersey, definitely let us know!

Check out for their full report on the costs, legality, and symbolism of the thin blue line.

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