Even though I once got stuck on this ride for 45 minutes during my high school senior trip (forced to listen to animatronic dolls singing 'It's a Small World' over and over...and over) it remains one of my favorite attractions of all time.  I still make a beeline for it every time I visit Magic Kingdom.  Happy Birthday to Disney's 'It's a Small World'!

Ah, that melody!  That sweet melody.  'It's a time to share, it's a time to care, it's a small world after all'.  We all know the words!  In fact, it may be one of the first songs you ever learned to sing!

Seeking to spread a message of hope and peace to theme park goers, Walt Disney first brought his vision for 'It's a Small World' to life in 1964 at Anaheim, California's Disneyland.  Since then, millions have experienced the phenomenon, loving it as children, and bringing back their own kids to enjoy it and learn how fun it can be to explore and respect different cultures.  It's still so brilliant and wondrous, and makes me want to learn more languages so next time I can sing along every step of the way!

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