So, here it is! This is video footage from inside the F-16 fighter jet I flew in with the 177th Fighter Wing. Watch as I narrate my flight and you'll relive the action with me.

What you're going to see is the plane taking off, going vertical, and doing stunts like rolls and loops. You'll also watch us 'pulling Gs', and unfortunately, the toll that took on me (hint: yes I puked, lol).

View a gallery of pre-flight photos:

There is no way to accurately thank everyone who coached me through this experience and got me prepared to take flight. The staff at the 177th Fighter Wing is unparalleled. They are all such measured professionals and made me feel part of the team instead of just a civilian outsider. From Msgt. Andrew Merlock, to Lt. Col. Rico Malenbranche, Senior Airman Shane Karp, Staff Sgt. Shauna Hendrickson, and Airman 1st. Class Cristina Allen, everyone was so welcoming and amazing to work with. Random observation -- they pop popcorn from as early as 7 a.m. in the squadron. There are bowls of popcorn on literally every other desk and that made me giggle. This moment in my life will be incredibly hard to top! Next time I look up and see an F-16 flying over, I won't have to wonder what it's like, because I've been there. Also, I have a renewed respect for the men and women who chose military service and keeping our country safe as a career.

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