Residents have been falling victim to a scam called the "grandparent scam," that involves older residents buying iTunes gift cards to bail their grandchildren out.

In my opinion, a police department asking for post bail in the form of iTunes gift cards is an immediate red flag. says an old woman in Mantua received a phone call from someone claiming to be a lieutenant at the Glassboro Police Department.

The caller said her daughter was "arrested," and $2,000 was needed to release her from jail. But the woman was to pay using iTunes gift cards...erm. Who pays bail using an iTunes gift card???

After following the scammers directions, the woman called back and provided them the codes of each $500 iTunes card. She later realized she had been scammed.

This poor woman! That is a lot of money to be scammed out of too.

Authorities are spreading the word of this scam they're calling the "grandparent scam" because it targets older residents.

One great tip police officials want residents to remember is: "gift cards are never accepted as a form of payment to post bail."

Which may seem obvious, but when you're willing to pay to get your family member out of jail sometimes it's easy to forget.

Also if you suspect something is fishy, contact your local police department.

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