'I solemnly swear I am up to no good.'

Those may have been the words one Gloucester County, New Jersey man whispered to himself as he reportedly helped himself to hundreds of dollars in Harry Potter merchandise while in Orlando, Florida.

31-year-old Ryan Walsh, of Mantua Twp., was visiting Universal Studios on December 6, 2020 when he reportedly swiped $827 in Harry Potter ornaments, socks, phone cases, a blanket, and a scrapbook, according to Patch.com.

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Walsh went about the store, stashing the stolen goods in a bag before eventually being nabbed by the park's security guards.

He made it pretty easy for them though. When questioned about his five-finger discount, Walsh confessed to the crime. However, after being charged with third-degree grand theft, Walsh entered a not guilty plea with the court, and will be back in Orlando on January 18th to be arraigned.

Sounds like this guy either needs some major mentoring from Dumbledore or a serious scolding from Professor Umbridge.

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