Actress Lea Michele, one of the star's of the Fox TV hit Glee, took to YouTube yesterday to make a big announcement about Candie's clothing line.  Michele, who has been the fashion line's spokesmodel for the last year, revealed who she's passing the baton to, and it's none other than...




Carly Rae Jepsen!  Music's 'It Girl' responded via Twitter, "Thank you @MsLeaMichele! SO Excited to be the new @Candiesbrand girl!" and added the hashtag "#Carly4Candies."  Candie's themselves then confirmed the news in a tweet, and posted a look at Carly's first ad for the brand.

Among the past female pop stars who've been featured in Candie's ads are Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Vanessa Carlton, Fergie and Ashlee Simpson. The Candie's clothing line is available at Kohl's department stores nationwide.

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