With nearly 3,700 national mail branches hanging in the balance, it will be up to the residents of Galloway Township to decide if keeping their own is necessary. The new 'Use It Or Lose It' campaign currently being waged by Galloway Township resident Anna Jezycki seeks to hold onto the USPS facility on East Jimmie Leeds Road.  Jezycki tells Press of Atlanitc City:

“I feel every town should have a post office, and it’s our post office,” she said. “If we lose it we will never have one again in Galloway Township.”

But the township is facing hard times and the budget is a concern.  There is already a proposed tax hike and Galloway U.S. Postal Service supervisor Pamela Conover says location sales have been on a steady decline in recent years and is not currently providing enough revenue for the town to benefit from its operation.

The plea is resulting in more patrons, but only time will tell if it's enough to save the branch.


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