You seriously don't want to be that person the day after July 4th with that wicked sunburn, not being able to move in any direction or have anybody touch you, believe me.

So, before you venture to the beach, pool, or friend's place for the BBQ, take a look at these five helpful ways you can avoid that nasty sunburn this 4th of July...



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    Anything Cold is Key

    A no-brainer, the sun is hot, counter with cold. cold baths/showers, frozen peas, ice packs are all ok to use. Just be sure to wrap everything in a cloth or else is you make contact with skin, you may also get frost bite. You don't want to go from one extreme to another.

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    Sunburn is like an allergy, it makes you crazy itchy, so Benadryl and other related products can help relieve the itchiness. Just make sure to not operate any machinery while taking it.

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    Anti-Inflammatory Drugs/Pain Releivers

    Like Benadryl, these medicines like Advil or something topical like Flexall can help soothe the pain of sun's UV rays.

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    Good Old H2O

    Water solves a lot of our issues when it comes to the body, so why not this one. Stay hydrated constantly when spending the day outside, you have to keep up with whatever your body sweats out by putting just as much in.

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    Aloe! Aloe! Aloe!

    The biggest reliever of them all. Aloe also comes in many different forms but most use the gel base and rub it directly on the sunburn.

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