I'm freakishly protective of my skin when it comes to the sun, but I know many people who constantly get sunburned!

I mean, it's 2017 and what do we know about sun protection, right? As soon as they tell us something is bad for us, they change their minds!

sunburn FI


Here are 9 reasons people in South Jersey use as excuses to get too much sun:

  1. I need to get a base tan...I'm working on my base.
  2. I need to get a few burns before I can tan.
  3. Don't worry, the burn will turn into tan.
  4. I know it LOOKS like I'm burned, but I tan red.
  5. I don't believe in sunscreen. It's full of chemicals.
  6. I need some color.
  7. I forgot to put on sunscreen.
  8. I didn't know I was getting any sun.
  9. My skin feels healthier after it peels.


Have you watched The Mike Show TV today? There was this time that I swallowed a FLY and Spring almost threw up when I was talking about it!


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