Hot enough for ya? Here is how they keep cool in Cumberland County!

This was one of the most popular posts I did, last summer, when it was as hot as it's been lately. I thought I'd post it again for those of you who missed it.

Hey,  I grew up in Georgia, so I do have some redneck DNA in me - a lot of my family are rednecks - so I can appreciate a DIY project like this!

It all went down at Menantico Ponds in Cumberland County, near Millville.


Where do we begin?

My first question is, where the heck do you get a tarp that big?

Second, is anyone watching the little baby, staggering dangerously close to the edge of the blue hole? It does kinda look like he's wearing water wings, so I guess it's OK.

The fashionable array of men's swimwear is spot on. You can just barely make out the pastey white love handles and muffin tops bursting from the waist bands.

And what? Only ONE woman is daring enough to tackle this 3 story dirt slide? In a BIKINI none-the-less. Atta Girl!

This epic redneck water slide video was posted on YouTube by Jennifer Fields

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