Just because you're not in school any more, doesn't mean the learning needs to stop. Keep your mind healthy by training it with my app of the week!

Sorry guys, no video this week because I am a little under the weather. But, I did find a very useful app for you to try out this week. It's called, Elevate:

Elevate trains your brain with personalized daily games to challenge your mind. Each program adjusts over time, so as you get smarter, the games get harder.

Elevate sharpens your:

  • math skills
  • cognitive thinking
  • comprehension
  • focus
  • memory

All things I typically need since the older I get, the harder its becoming for me to remember certain information.

There is a yearly subscription for the game, but I find the free version works just as well!

If you want to keep your body healthy along with using Elevate, try out my previous app of the week:

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