We woke up this morning to the tragic news: 11 Dallas police officers shot last night - 5 dead.

Most of us have no idea what's it's like to be a police officer - or, to have an officer as a member of our family.

Earlier this year, Emma Cassaday Chambers wrote an article about what it's like to have your Dad as a cop: 12 Ways You Know You Are A Police Officer's Daughter.

In the Odyssey Online article Chambers writes:

Growing up my dad was my hero. He still is and he always will be. The special thing about my dad is that he is also a hero to complete strangers. My dad was a police officer for 25 years. He saved lives, he protected and served his community with his life. I am so proud of my dad and of the things he has done for my family and for our community.

A police officer is a special kind of hero, they don't wear capes; they wear a badge. They serve like a hero and save like a hero. Police officers serve to protect you with their own lives. They risk everything so we can rest easy at night and feel safe. It takes an extraordinary human being to do that kind of job, this person needs courage, strength, and compassion. They need to be selfless.

We are reminded by the events in Dallas just how much danger our police officers live with each day.

Thank you Emma's Dad. Thank you to all officers who keep us safe, while putting their own lives on the line each time they wear their badge. We are grateful.

To read the entire article, click here.


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