This kid has to be the dumbest 19 year old New Jersey employee ever!

Most of us would be very happy with a new job, but this rocket scientist had to get greedy.


Fairfield NJ Police
Fairfield NJ Police


A 19 year old named Larry Brooks was arrested after his FIRST DAY AT WORK at a security company because he stole (allegedly) $100,000 from the company he worked for...on his FIRST DAY AT WORK!!

According to the Fairfield NJ Police Department, the boy wonder allegedly stole the money on his first day of work at the Garda Security Company.

Guess what? It was all caught on camera. Hey's a SECURITY COMPANY. THEY HAVE CAMERAS. And...IT'S YOUR FIRST DAY AT WORK.


Speaking of stupid people...check out The Mike Show TV!



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