A non-profit youth group in South Jersey has nearly four dozen bikes stolen from it recently.

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A once-locked shed full of bicycles at Lifting Up Camden's Youth (LUCY) now sits empty. Some time between Sunday night, October 18 and Monday, October 19, almost 40 bikes were reportedly stolen.

Lifting Up Camden's Youth's Kristin Prinn tells 6abc, "just overnight for everything to be gone was just devastating". Prinn says the bikes have been safe inside the shed ever since the organization received it seven months ago.

The stolen bicycles are reportedly valued between $200 and $800. Authorities think a group of thieves broke into the shed and lifted the bikes one at a time. Surveillance cameras at the site also appear to have been disabled, police say.

LUCY member Yamiliana Rodriguez told 6abc"Since COVID-19 happened, that's the only thing we can do is ride bikes. It's just messed up."

Now, Lifting Up Camden's Youth and Camden Police are looking to the public for tips as their investigation into the burglary continues. Anyone with information related to the incident or the suspects is urged to contact Camden City Police Department. They also have a 24-hour anonymous tip line at (856) 757-7042.

Maybe some nice benefactor or donors will be nice enough to help replenish some of LUCY's bike shed and give them all a little hope that good people do still exists. As for the thieves, shame on them.

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