Now that the conventions are done for the Democrats and Republicans, all that is left is the debates and more campaigning before the November election, but we are starting to figure out though Facebook who supports whom.

According to Forbes magazine, if the presidential election were based on just those in the Facebook universe then President Barack Obama would be re-elected in a potential landslide.  As of September 9th, the president has a eye-catching 28.5 million Facebook fans - more than 4 times as many as Mitt Romney (6.6 million Facebook fans).

President Obama has proven to be very savvy in the Facebook world in the past, giving him a distinct advantage over Romney.  We do realize that not all people on Facebook is over 18, but not every older voter is on Facebook, but this social network trend is something that cannot be ignored.

According to analysis from Compass Labs, we can somewhat define a Facebook fan for Obama as a Video Gamer, a person who does meditation, is a jigsaw puzzle fan, and prefers movies like The Blind Side or The Fast and The Furious.  The Facebook fan for Romney can be painted somewhat as an older person, gun enthusiast, church goer, Fox News watcher, and prefer movies like The Sound of Music.



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