Donald Trump must love the spotlight, and have major disdain for the president, but he's not afraid to put his money where his mouth is - to the tune of $5 Million!

Trump had been building to a big announcement today, and it had everything to do with President Obama.  The host of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, who recently released the line-up for an All-Star Edition of the show, has questioned over the years whether or not he was born in the US - now he's questioning the president's education background.

Donald's Trump's big announcement, 13 days before election day, is that he would give $5 Million to a charity of the president's choice in exchange for the release of Obama's college records and passport application.

There had been rumors that Trump's announce could have something to do with Michelle Obama, who had been rumored in the past to have wanted to leaving her marriage to Barack.  Having found filed divorce papers might have created a major buzz before the election!

Instead Trump's announcement has seemed to have flopped in the Twitter world - comments ranging from "Donald Trump replaces bed bugs as Americas #1 Pest" to "I'll give a crackhead $3 if Trump releases that squirrel sittin on his head".

Trump is all about getting press, and on that level he succeeded, plus he has people talking.  Judge the announcement for yourself.

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