I don't talk about politics much, but my eyes will certainly be glued to the TV tonight.  The Presidential race is a tight one, and there are already several different nightmare scenarios brewing.....








Let's hypothetically say the election ended in a 269-269 tie, which is fewer than the necessary Electoral College votes.  That means that you and I will forced to drink the election Kool-Aid...............and keep watching the election coverage.





.....he would have made a great president.....








After we stop wondering if CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer is either human or cyborg, we get finally get results on December 17th.


That is the date that the the electoral college meets, and the newly elected House of Representatives would choose the next President, as instructed by the Constitution.


The house vote would likely go to Governor Mitt Romney, but the Senate, which looks likely to stay Democratic, would select the Vice President. That would mean a Romney-Biden White House.


So buckle your seat belts kids, vote, and get ready to have little or no answers tomorrow.


God bless America.


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