Now that the Election is over you would think those who lost would look to the future, but some want to put blame for not winning.  In the case of Mitt Romney, do not blame Jersey's own Chris Christie.

Over the last 48+ hours, there have been some in Christie's party that are pointing the finger at him for the loss in the Presidential Election, which does not make any sense.

Yes he had a moment with the president during a time when New Jersey was in great need.  The fact that Barack Obama reacted quickly in this situation, he was praised by the Governor.  So you have a moment that was about trying to save The Garden State, which is what the Governor has been all about in his administration, and suddenly he is the reason Romney lost the election.

Did President Obama receive a bounce from "Sandy" - seems that way.  The storm did stall the Romney momentum, but blame Christie for the Storm of The Century is crazy talk.

Some within his party seem to forget that Christie backed Romney before the Primary season ever started.  They seem to forget that when Romney struggling at times during the Primary process, Christie was on shows like Piers Morgan on CNN expressing Romney's position better than the candidate.

I do not know the Governor at all, but I would like to shake his hand and buy him a dinner for his work.  I am not a Republican or a Democrat - just an outside observer who has family that live in N.J.  Very few people have more passion for this state that I grew up in than Chris Christie, and he has been willing to work with both Democrats and Republicans to try to do what's best for the state.

We may not always agree with Christie's policies, but you cannot deny his love for Jersey and how much he wants the state to prosper.

His political party could learn something from the Governor.  Christie leads a Blue state (predominantly Democrat) that is diverse in culture, and he should be saluted for showing that he will work in a bipartisan manor (not blamed).

If you ever listen to Ask The Governor here on SoJO every month, the governor shows his love and passion before your ears.  The way he expresses himself is no act!

President Obama is looking forward, Governor Christie is looking forward, and Mitt Romney was eloquent in his concession speech ("We can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing"), so it's time for all of us to work together and move Forward!


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