Does your ex text you during the holiday season? Do you cry over movie trailers or get overly emotional over celebrities? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions you are one of us. Congratulations!

We sat down to talk about how we get emotional and passionate over things we probably shouldn't and the dreaded holiday/birthday text from exes. Well, we didn't literally "sit" down, but you get the idea. It is another Around The Mic, but this time we filmed the whole show so you can see just how weird we are.

Heather gets very emotional when it comes to geese crossing the road and passionate about Taylor Swift. Don't come for Taylor or you'll feel her wrath.

Chelsea cried watching the trailer for Avengers: Endgame over and over again and cried over movies and television shows.

Are we weird?

The holidays seem to bring old memories back, which may mean you'll receive a seemingly innocent text from an ex. Perhaps, you are doing the sending. Are their ulterior motives?

That's what we are trying to figure out in this episode of Around The Mic. Join in on the conversation. Comment on the video or tweet us @SoJO1049FM.

Watch this episode of Around the Mic here:

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