Want to lose your faith in humanity? Go to a public Easter egg hunt, where parents are allowed to "help" their children find Easter eggs.

I've seen it myself, when we took our boys to public Easter egg hunts.

We don't take our sons to public Easter egg hunts any more, because the parents cannot control themselves. Children get knocked over by adults, they get stepped on by adults, and eggs are pulled out from right in front of them...BY ADULTS.

That is when something like THIS happens, where this bat crazy lady hauls off and smacks the guy trying to help his son get an Easter egg...


This video, from North Miami in 2012, was posted on YouTube by kortan.

It is sad when an event like this, actually requires security guards (event staff). Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.

Sure, Easter egg hunts can be fun, but it only takes a few parents that were not raised very well by their own parents, to ruin it for everyone else.


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