Barry Diller, the man who is responsible for the creation of, has received permission from a Federal Judge to market the Aereo--the network TV doomsday device.  So, what does it do?


First off, the Aereo's slogan is NOT "the network TV doomsday device", but it might as well be.

The Aereo allows you to watch network TV straight from your laptop or phone.  According to Business Insider, In one sense, all the Aereo does is turn your device into a regular TV with old  fashioned rabbit ears, without the rabbit ears.

Oh, and it's set up like a DVR.  That means you can record the shows you want, and fast forward through the commercials.

That makes people like CBS, Comcast, NBC, News Corp. Fox and Walt Disney Co. ABC so delightfully joyful.

In fact, so delightfully joyful, that they are suing Diller to put the Aereo out of existence.

Which means there is STILL life in our network TV.....for now.

Check out the demonstration of the Aereo, pretty cool!



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