We live in a smartphone world. Wherever you go people are texting, tweeting and checking their Facebook news feeds. We've gone from a country where kids having cell phones or smartphones was optional to it being a necessity in some cases. As comic Louis C.K.harshly points out, this might not be a good thing.  


If you were to ask the average 13-year-old what face time was, they would most likely refer to the iPhone app. Actual face time? C'mon, why? Can't you just text? Even the "phone call" is becoming taboo.

The bigger question is when is it appropriate for children to get smartphones? Check out Louie C.K.'s conversation with Conan O'Brian about why he hates cell phones. While a lot of it may be exaggerated for comedic effect, he brings up a lot of really good points.

TELL US! Do you agree with Louie C.K.? When did you let your kids get smartphones? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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