Cell phone use has become an annoyance in many social situations. A Twitter happy date, a light blue glow in a dark movie theater, or a cell phone at eye level with you from the person sitting in front at a concert. As a society we have lost the old cliche, stop to smell the roses. Now some performers are fighting back and banning cell phones during their shows.

How many times have you seen a video on the wide variety of social media sites from a concert or other performance? Did you know that it is 100% illegal? Many of these sites are fighting back by removing the videos or removing just the audio from them. However, just because it is illegal people continually do just that.

During a recent show at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel by comedian Kevin Hart, phones were banned during the course of the show.

Please see below regarding the cell phone policy for this Saturday's Kevin Hart show.

Posted by PNC Bank Arts Center on Thursday, September 27, 2018

According to the post, phones are not allowed to be used for any reason before or during the show. The warning also stated that no warnings would be given that day and if you are removed from the show for cell phone use, they would not be issuing refunds.

There are many performers that have also instilled a ban on cell phone use at their shows including: Prince, Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, Amy Schumer, and many others. If you attend a live taping of a show, you are not allowed to bring your phone into the venue at all.

Most of the big name comedians sign deals with Netflix; their most recent tours end up as Netflix specials. If clips, or full shows, end up on the internet before Netflix puts the show out, it presents itself as a problem to the streaming site. Plus, if they are taping the special the day you happen to be there, it looks bad on film if everyone is on their phones.

According to LoudWire.com, "...artists [have] been holding back new material from fans for fear of letting their artistic work or things they’re still ironing out suddenly appearing on the Internet in a less than flattering form."

Some performers require audience members to use a pouch called Yondr, to lock up their phones through the duration of the show. You place your phone in the pouch when you arrive to the venue, the top locks during the show, and as you exit there are hubs that will unlock your phone from the pouch.

via OverYondr.com
via OverYondr.com

Of course the banning of phones during shows has been met with mixed reactions.

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