Collingswood nurse, Patti Butler, won the title of "America's Greatest School Nurse" after spotting leukemia symptoms in a kindergartner, and saving his life.

Last September, Nurse Patti suspected something was wrong with one kindergartner, Nathan, when he complained of pain in his leg, and didn't want to play outside. Then she noticed something more: his skin was translucent.

Patti alerted his mother, Nicole, and insisted Nathan be taken to a doctor for it to be checked out. Thanks to Patti's insistence, Nathan's leukemia was quickly treated and is now in transmission.

Nicole tells CBS Philly, she credits Patti for saving her son's life. Watch below:

From the looks of it, I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award than Patti!

Read the full story on CBS Philly. Oh, and if you're wondering - Patti also won a weeklong trip for four as part of her prize!

P.S. Happy Nurse's Appreciation Week if you are a nurse!

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