Another Chipotle Mexican Grill location coming to Camden County? Oh, please, please, please!

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Reportedly, the wildly popular Mexican food chain could be taking over what used to be Denny's on Blackwood-Clementon Rd. in Blackwood, Gloucester Township, according to That Denny's has been closed down and boarded up for a while now.

The proposal is currently sitting on the desk of the Gloucester Township Zoning Board, reports 42Freeway. But, if that proposal is approved, the old Denny's would reportedly be razed to make way for a brand new Chipotle.

The Blackwood Chipotle would join other locations in South Jersey that already include Sicklerville, Voorhees, Cherry Hill, and Washington Township. The Chipotle in Glassboro is currently being built, and down in Cape May County, one just took over the former Boston Market on Rt. 9 in Somers Point.

Like, I'm already over here with fork in hand, lol. This Chipotle would be so close to where my mom lives that I could walk to it.

The GT Zoning Board is slated to review the Chipotle proposal Wednesday, December 9th at 7:00 p.m. in the Gloucester Township Council Room on Chews Landing Rd. in Laurel Springs, according to So, hopefully they give the proposal a quick 'yes', and plans for construction can get underway.

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That restaurant is SO BADLY needed along Blackwood-Clementon Rd. that I can't imagine anyone wanting to oppose it. I mean in addition to Denny's closing, Pizza Hut shut down on that road, along with Nifty's Fifty's, and Friendly's. There aren't many options in that area anymore. So, it would be good to see something popular replace the former Denny's. In my opinion, it will do very well. Especially, with the newly-erected Royal Farms right across the street.

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