If you love gross pimple popping video this is for you! About six weeks ago, I got my second HydraFacial from the team at Dr. Lyle Back in Cherry Hill. Kara took care of me again and this time we added in a few boosters to amp up my glow and plump my lips. However, because I watch too much YouTube, I got a USB digital microscope that everyone is using to check out my skin beforehand. Big mistake.

I've seen a lot of beauty gurus, or beauTubers as Jenna Marble calls them, use these digital microscopes to check out their beauty blenders, makeup, and their pores. Clearly, I had to try it out to see the before and after from the HydraFacial. While the before was super gross and I became grossed out and betrayed by the before shots, the after photos did not disappoint. (Don't worry pictures are coming down below.)

This time around my HydraFacial included a radiant booster to help out with some discoloration from sun spots and add and extra dose of the glow. This was a spot treatment that helped lighten those dark spots and help out some dull skin.

Kara also used an infrared, which made me feel fancy. You see celebrities get these crazy facials that always include some sort of light treatment. The light helped push the booster deep into my skin. Plus, it looks cool.


We topped things off with a quick 5-minute lip treatment that would make Kylie Jenner and all beauty YouTubers jealous. The lip treatment uses hyaluronic acid to not only hydrate the lips, but also add a little volume. You won't look like you're making a duck face 24/7; it just adds a natural boost to your lips. It also came with an at-home treatment and a SPF chapstick. My lips have never felt so smooth.

The before is the right half of my lips, the after is the left.


A few weeks later I went back for yet another HydraFacial with a booster for my under eyes this time. Now, this is my third time getting one and the difference in the discard water is crazy! Each time the water gets clearer and clearer.


On the left is the most recent facial and the one on the right was just a few weeks prior. I know, gross.

Let's get into what all of the pimple popping fanatics are waiting for, the gross before and after of a pimple.

WARNING: If pimples, pimple popping videos, and clogged pores gross you out this may not be for you.

I took the microscope and took a photo of a huge pimple I had on the side of my cheek. I was definitely not prepared for what I was about to see. It looked like a giant crater filled with yellow congealed oil. SO, SO GROSS.


I told you, DISGUSTING!

The after is a little less stomach churning.


These photos were not Photoshopped in any way and were taken only a few hours apart. I took the after photos when I got home.

See the amazing transformation here:

With HydraFacials, the results typically last a month (or longer with good skin care) and Dr. Back suggests a series of four HydraFacial treatments for seasonal skin health. It's also something you can do over your lunch hour and get right back to work.

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