Watch as these two burglars run away once they hear the homeowner's voice in Upper Pittsgrove Township.
Burglaries are never a laughing matter. BUT watching these two burglaries literally run away after hearing the homeowners voice, gives me weird pleasure.

On you can see the men enter the home, and be completely unbothered by the home's barking dogs. They go about the home until all of a sudden you see them fleeing towards the exit. reports the homeowners were able to see them on their surveillance, so they sent out a message remotely, which I guess scared the hell out of the burglars.

Now, the video is completely silent, and the homeowners have not been identified. BUT the video is entertaining nonetheless.

On a serious note, New Jersey State police are asking for help identifying the two men who were able to take a personal documents and a lockbox containing jewelry.

If you'd like to watch the video, watch on

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