When Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning told me I had to watch a video where they draw on each other's backs, I was like, 'whuuuuttt?'.

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The way they made it sound was that they were drawing on each other's BARE backs. So, imagine my jubilation when I saw they still had clothes on, lol.

Turns out, Brooke, Jeffrey, and producer Jose have gotten SO bored, they decided to take a Draw on My Back Challenge. Basically, one person starts to draw an object on a piece of paper taped to another person's back. THAT PERSON then has to try and recreate what the first person drew on the back of ANOTHER person, never having seen the drawing. Poor Jose, though, he has to just draw on the wall, lol.

At first I thought Brooke was drawing a butterfly, but then she got way more creative. The guys, however, seriously botched this experiment. Wait till they see Brooke sketched something WAY more elaborate.

I this this would be a fun game to play with kids or other family members. It's like blind Pictionary!

Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning (and Jose's laugh) can be heard weekday mornings from 5-9 on SoJO 104.9

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