Getting pulled over by a cop is stressful. Getting pulled over on Christmas is even worse. Like, what kind of Scrooge would even DO that? But police have a job to do. However, some motorists in Brick Twp. weren't only given a break on Christmas this year, they were given a gift card!

It was Brick Twp. PD's 2nd annual 'Blue Christmas'. Drivers pulled over on minor infractions this Christmas season (such as a busted taillight, etc.), received written warnings instead of traffic tickets.

They were also given a gift card to Advanced Auto Parts to aid in repairing the non-functioning part of their vehicle.

The local police union reportedly donated funds for the program, which started in 2020, to continue this year, according to NBC10 Philadelphia.

These motorists didn't have to offer excuses or cry their way out of a violation, or plead, 'Please, officer, it's Christmas!'

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What a cool thing to do! Do you know of any other local police departments that have a program like Brick's 'Blue Christmas'? We'd love to see more municipalities do something like this.

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