Can Borgata control how much weight their waitresses gain?

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa has maintained a rule that their cocktail servers, known as 'Borgata Babes', are prohibited from gaining more than 7 percent of their original body weight.


Twenty-two 'Borgata Babes' have come forward and objected the policy, stating that the casino ' only attempted to enforce it on female servers' (NBC 10) and it was a way to get rid of the older servers.


According to The Press of Atlantic City, 'the judge found the rule would be considered sexist if the policy targeted female servers only or punished a trait in one sex over another.

The judge found neither was evident in the case and instead said that maintaining a certain weight is part of what the women agreed to do as entertainers.'


Therefore, the former 'Borgata Babes' are left with a bitter loss in court.


On one hand, you could think of the policy as 'weight discrimination', and the rule is a little too strict.  It's not like these 'babes' were incredibly overweight or anything.


On the other hand, Borgata has their standards.  After all, it's a marketing business, and holds strong to their 'vision' and 'look'.


What do you think?



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