Another Dollar Tree store is coming to Gloucester Township. But while it will fill up an empty space of one shopping plaza, the former Kmart store off Blackwood-Clementon Road remains vacant.

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On the corner of Black Horse Pike and Davistown Rd. in Blackwood is the Shoppes at Gloucester Township, many moons ago home to an IGA grocery story, and now the popular Sam's Bar & Grille.

Recently, a portion of the shopping center's parking lot was used to build a new Dunkin' Donuts.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now, over next to Sam's, a large portion of the plaza's exterior and awning is undergoing another renovation and, according to 42 Freeway, will welcome a Dollar Tree in the near future. It's interesting because that whole plaza got redone a few years back right around the time Gloucester Township Premium Outlets hit the area.

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The Dollar Tree will provide some competition for the Family Dollar store that's already part of Shoppes at Gloucester Twp., but it's no matter. They're both reportedly owned by the same parent company.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Okay, great. So that's what we know about an update to Shoppes at Gloucester Township. But lets switch focus to Cherrywood Plaza on Blackwood-Clementon Rd. and the vacant Kmart. That's unlikely to become a Dollar Tree, since there's already one in that same shopping center. What about a gym? There have been rumors, but Planet Fitness is already there. Right now, it doesn't seem like there are any plans for the Kmart space. It's just another empty store in a long line of empty stores. The Shoe Department in the plaza closed for good a while ago.

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In my opinion, it's another great opportunity for someone like Trader Joe's, Sprouts, or even Whole Foods to move in. Heck, I'd even entertain one of those new Amazon department stores the online shopping giant wants to start opening.

No offense, just please not another Dollar General. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!

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