The times are changing in Deptford, New Jersey, or is Deptford changing with the times as a marijuana dispensary is now officially open?

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Cannabist, located on Clements Bridge Road, opened Monday. Cannabist is part of the same shopping center as Moe's Southwest Grill and Saladworks, just across from AMC Movie Theater (adjacent to Deptford Mall).

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It went in the space next to Verizon Wireless.

Despite Deptford recently passing an ordinance aimed at prohibiting additional marijuana businesses, Cannabist got its approval last December under another ordinance, according to 42 Freeway.

Deptford Mayor Paul Medany basically wants the ability to "look carefully at any other” marijuana dispensary joining Cannabist, reports.

Cannabist, operated by Columbia Care, will be a medical marijuana dispensary, not a recreational one. According to its website, Columbia Care is reportedly a publicly traded, full-service marijuana company that cultivate, manufacture and provide marijuana products.

In a recent board meeting, Gloucester Township approved licensed marijuana dispensaries. The vote in favor of them was unanimous, according to Do you want to see more municipalities join them? Let us know in the comment box below.

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