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Michael Kennedy They are all human and once in a while they are aloud to make a mistake.
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SoJO 1049 Aloud?
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Courtny Bindewald Why in the world would you believe him? Dump his ass. Midgets dont just attack
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Gia Bove If a full sized man can't get a midget off his back in .1 second id leave him for that alone. Its A lie and a pretty bad one at that. He prob banged a midget . However I did notice scratches on my mans back but he works on the floor half the day they we're on one side of shoulder actually and I did investigating and when the lunatic in me calmed down I was like oh they are little scrapes, he almost got killed that day. Was a fun time. 😂🔪 plus I know what real back scratches look like . dudes a liar cut his p.p off 💃
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Parents - how do you feel about students "walking out" of school in protest (for whatever reason)? It could happen today in EHT schools. We want to know your thoughts... - The Mike Show on Sojo 104.9 more at SoJO1049.com

Michael Roque They're just a bunch of brats jumping on the next bandwagon to bitch and moan so they can avoid real world problems. God forbid they start working and protest that work is too hard and they want to work less hours and get paid more. Scary thoughts for the future of the next generation.
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