Kindness - it seems like a rare commodity these days, but recently I witnessed a small, yet meaningful gesture of good will and it helped to restore my faith in the fact that there are still more good people than bad. I was behind a truck at a red light at a busy intersection in Somers Point last week. Although the light turned green, the man in the truck turned on his blinkers and did not move. On the side of the road was a man in a motorized scooter who was obviously having difficulty crossing the street. A young man, probably in his late teens,  got out of the passenger side and helped guide him across the busy road.  I pulled up to the truck where the young man’s father was waiting for him, rolled down my window and told him that it was one of the nicest things I have seen in a long time.  It actually brought a tear to my eye and affected me more than I could believe. We see so much hatred and anger and hear so many stories about shootings and violence, it can be overwhelming. Yet, we all have an opportunity to brighten someone's day and pay if forward with unexpected thoughtfulness.  The amazing thing about being kind to others is that it is a win-win situation.  The kinder we are to other people, the better we feel about ourselves and the world. Here are just a few ideas to become a "Raktovist" (Random Act of Kindness Activitist):

Compliment a friend or stranger, pick up a piece of trash in the parking lot, donate your old eyeglasses, cell phones, books, toys, clothes, etc. to someone who could use them, help an elderly neighbor take out the trash, bring food to work, volunteer, talk nicely to a customer service rep, give a generous tip, bring your dog or kids to visit people at a retirement home, cook a meal for someone going through a hard time, smile at everyone you see, give someone a hug.

Like the movie, "Pay It Forward", small acts of kindness add up to make a big impact on the world. Check out more ideas at


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