More and more Shore town beaches are making canopies and tents illegal on the beach.

People who are in favor of banning canopies and tents on the beach say that they take up too much room on the beach and lifeguards complain that too many tents block their view of the water.



Here is an idea:

Instead of banning tents all together, why not designate a tent zone to where you don't have tents too close to the water, and blocking the view of lifeguards?

I DO NOT LIKE BANNING canopies and tents on the beach, and I'll explain why. New Jersey has enough "NOs" when it comes to what we can and can't do. I will admit, I have never taken a tent to a beach, but we don't need more "don't" in No Jersey. We need tourists and beach goers for our economy at the Shore, and to keep putting limitations on what to take to the beach, is bad for business.

Not to mention, I am sun-sensitive and can use all the shade I can get.

What say you?


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