Former Atlantic City Police Officer Josh Vadell’s life was almost taken in 2016 when he was shot in the head in the line of duty.

Vadell rarely makes public comments these days, however, he made an exception and placed his written comments in our article on the lack of street patrol officers in Atlantic City.

Here is a link to our extensive coverage on this topic:

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Vadell did not hold back and posted the following yesterday:

I didn't want to, but had to make a news break account to comment on this one. The night I was shot, there was only about a handful of officers on the street. you would think a near fatal shooting of an officer, would make them want to make changes for; at minimum community safety, let alone officer safety. patrol has always gotten the shaft, so l'm not surprised that nothing has changed. being a two-man unit saved my life. The people from the state Don't care about Atlantic City residents or employees, they only care about The power they have and the dollar signs. there's so much more I can say, but l'I reserve myself as to not hurt any feelings. Great article, thank you for shading light on the topic! stay safe ACPD!

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Vadell, along with his partner Officer Thomas McCabe saved three juveniles who were being robbed at the time.

As he said above, Vadell credits being in a two-man patrol car with saving his life. This is a powerful testimony.

In 2018, Martell Chisholm and Demetris Cross each received 32-year sentences for the 2016 shooting that left Vadell partially paralyzed on his left side.

They each must serve 85% of their sentence before being eligible for consideration for parole.

At the time of their sentencing, Vadell said in Atlantic County Superior Court Judge John R. Rauh’s courtroom:

"I want you guys to know that your robbery was successful that night," said Vadell. "You robbed me of my life. You robbed my kids of their daddy. You robbed my wife of her husband. You robbed my mother and sister of their son and brother."

NOTE: Josh Vadell made the following additional comments today, December 5.

“Everyone also forgets how the state attempted to lay off first responders not too long after my shooting, including my partner Tommy (McCabe) and some other heroes who saved my life. I spoke out against them then as well. They weren't too happy about that either, but oh well,” said Vadell.

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