A registered nurse in Atlantic City was caught on video, stabbing an autistic boy with a hypodermic needle on six occasions.

According to 6abc, Naomi Derrick used this method to "control his behavior."

She is now being accused of gross negligence, professional misconduct, and incompetence in her treatment of the boy. Since the investigation began, she has surrendered her nurse license.


The boy is only 10-years-old and a patient at AtlanticCare Regional Health Care's psychiatric unit in Atlantic City. The assaults on the boy have been captured on video, or a possible eyewitness on May 15, says 6abc.

Reportedly, Derrick would threaten to "give him the needle," if he didn't behave. This is in total violation of her duty to help care for this young boy, or any patient.

CBS News adds, she's accused of other abuse such as, bending his finger back, stepping on his bare foot and causing him to fall on a chair he used to stabilize himself.

The Associated Press says Derrick has yet to be reached for comment.

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