This week, a woman said was walking her dog on Seaview Avenue in Galloway Township when they were approached by a cougar or mountain lion.

Police were called, but no existence of the cougar has been confirmed. Many will say, "There are no cougars in New Jersey." Period.

She contends she know what she saw, and it wasn't any other kind of animal.

After hearing her story, several other people have come forward to tell their story.

On the Cat Country Morning Show with Joe and Jahna, we had a call from a listener in Bass River Township who claimed to have witnessed a cougar on her property back in the 1990s.

We've also received a number of emails or messages from others with similar claims. We've chosen to keep the identity of these people private, but here's what they've told us:

"I actually saw it as well a few years ago while riding my bike on Great Creek Road about a mile from Seaview Ave. I passed by a path into the woods and saw a large tan animal thinking at first that it was a large Golden Lab and wondered what a dog was doing there. So, I circled back around and stopped at the entrance to the path, and right in the middle of the path about 100 feet away was a cougar staring at me. I just thought, cool, maybe it would control some of the deer population in that area. I did report it to the Galloway Police when I got back home but they didn’t take it very seriously. Anyway, I hope they find it and relocate it somewhere safe."

"My parents have a house in Buena off of 8th street and they found this huge paw print next to my pig’s enclosure around February 16th. This paw print is definitely a Big cat the print had retractable nails and the pads on the paw were four across! Unlike any bear or dog! I took my photo to the Atlantic county park to compare my print to the wall of animal print and I found out that print had only matched to the cougar print. The shape and size were spot on! I even asked one of the rangers and they told me that it was definitely weird and it was probably a big cat."

Others have share their stories of encounters or sightings on social media.

Another comment we've received:

"In 2019 in Winslow township, there have been sightings of big cats, bigger than a bobcat! There are photos! In 2008 I was riding a horse and saw huge paw prints in a sandy area of the woods and I swore they were bear prints! NJ denied, denied, denied that there were bears yet the next year, bears eating out of our trash cans and sightings everywhere! It takes them a little time to travel but not much! I bet that whatever she saw, it’s for real! Life is great!"

Stay tuned!

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