I believe I have become New Jersey's own Mountain Lion whisperer.

Since publishing a story about a woman in Galloway Township (Atlantic County) seeing a cougar or mountain lion while walking her dog, my email address has become popular with people who've witnessed seeing a big cat in New Jersey.

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As I share these stories I've learned a lot too! Cougar, mountain lion, and panther are interchangeable names for the same animal species.

While the New Jersey Division of Wildlife - and others contend that these animals are not found in New Jersey, people are FINDING THESE ANIMALS IN NEW JERSEY --- or something that looks very similar.

What started out with a sighting in Galloway has snowballed to sightings almost all across the state. The biggest area where people have said they'd witnessed mountain lions is certainly New Jersey's northernmost county, Sussexx County.

Katy Gerhold lives in Sussex County and reached out with her story:

"I live in Hamburg, NJ in Sussex county and I’ve seen a mountain lion around my property twice. The first time, it came sauntering through my yard, and I thought I was recording video but hadn’t hit the record button (I was devastated). The second time was about 3 weeks later, I was driving down a back road to my house with my friend in the car when the same lion (I assume) ran across the street. 

I had told her about the first sighting, but wasn’t sure of what I saw until that second sighting with a witness! I tried to take pictures, but it ran across the street and darted up a rock face pretty quickly. We did get a stellar look at it, it stopped for a moment as I pulled my car to the side of the road and looked at us… it was definitely not a Bobcat, coyote, or anything other than a mountain lion!"
Katy was able to snap a picture which is below.
Courtesy of Katy Gerhold
Courtesy of Katy Gerhold

Kathy says she snapped the photo on October 15, 2022, on Beaver Run Road.

If we zoom in on the photo, we can make out what looks to be a mountain lion - or something close:
Courtesy of Katy Gerhold
Courtesy of Katy Gerhold

Another possible witness, L.M. has provided this info, also from Sussex County:

"Several years ago, in November, ... by Yellow Frame Church and Cemetery in Fredon Township. ....I started my walk around the paved area of the cemetery when I thought I saw a Large brownish Great Dane. As I got around the bend, I saw that it had a long tail and was NOT a dog. It was in the field behind and watching 2 deer running around the woods. I was downwind from it, and it did not hear or sense me there, and I walked towards the field, it turned its head then bolted. It was a large-size cougar, mountain lion, or whatever you call it."

From Camden County, I received this note from B.L:

"Some years back on my way home thru Winslow Township on Fleming Pike between Hay Street & Egg Harbor Road I saw one clearly running from the field that use to grow flowers on the west side to the east side no doubt about it but nobody believed me. "

From Cumberland County, Denise wrote after reading my story of a woman claiming she saw a mountain lion near the Millville airport:

"I posted this on my Facebook. I thought I saw a mountain lion, too in Fairton NJ. Thought I was mistaken until I saw this article." Here's what she posted on Facebook:


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