Not everyone possesses the skills to manage their finances and cook at the same time. One of the two is bound to suffer, right?

What's better than a typical prank phone call? A prank phone call with animation! Check out this cartoon version of morning show host Jeffrey posing as a bank employee who got food on the brain, not money.

Meet Terry, a bank employee, played by Young Jeffrey. He’s calling customer Olivia to address her concerns that a recent transaction did not post to her bank account. But what Olivia hears on her end, is the sound of steel, like a knife being sharpened. And, she’s not wrong. ‘Terry’ not concentrating on just solving Olivia’s problem, he’s also busy perfecting his smoothie recipe. But a blender and banking do not mess well together, especially over a phone call. Olivia has just about had it when ‘Terry’ asks for her advice on arranging a charcuterie board. That’s when Olivia turns into a ‘Karen’ with the dreaded request, ‘let me talk to a supervisor’.

Multitasking is usually a good thing. But when you’re trying to make just a quick call, and it sounds like your banker is making a 4 course meal on the other line… it’s not. Watch what we mean in this Animated Phone Tap called 'Bank Chef'.

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