Skin cancer is a very real concern for all of us, especially if you're like me and just love to be outside. Which, I'm sure most of you are.

So, I decided to head over to see the folks at South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center to get checked out.

Now, anytime I get my skin checked looked at I tend to be a little nervous anyway, but the examination was quick and painless.  I've been to a few doctors in the past who were very quiet while they examined me.  Some even said, "we'll call you if you have any reason to come back.  If we don't call you, you're fine."  That was never good enough for me, and, as it turned out, that isn't good enough for the doctors at South Jersey Skin Care either.  My doctor gave me a detailed description of everything she was seeing while she examined me, making me aware of everything she was seeing, good or bad.  She even explained several different things that will not only help me protect my skin in the future, but also what I should watch out for.

If you're interested in getting checked for skin cancer, call (856) 810-9888 or click here to schedule an appointment.  By the way, South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center have offices in both Mt. Laurel and Hammonton, in case you don't want to venture too far from home.

This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center.

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