Celebrities are real people, too.  And not just when it comes to shopping at Target or taking out their own trash.  Unfortunately being real for stars also means committing crimes.  Actor Stephen Collins, TV's likeable dad from '7th Heaven', was allegedly caught on tape admitting to sexual abusing a young girl.

Collins reportedly made the confession during a therapy session with his wife Faye Grant, with whom he is now embroiled in a tense divorce process.  According to TMZ, Grant secretly recorded those counseling conversations, without Collins knowledge.  The audio reveals Collins confessing to sexually abusing an 11-year old family relative, and possibly other victims.






I'm sick about this.  I loved him on '7th Heaven'.  It's one of my all-time favorite TV shows.  It's so hard when someone you adore becomes a disappointment.  The evidence is pretty damning, but everyone is innocent till proven guilty, so we'll see where this goes.  Innocent or not, his public image is likely forever destroyed (order up that scarlet A).

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