Thank you so much Miley everybody wants to 'twerk'....


Yesterday in Times Square, 358 people set a world record for "Most People Twerking Simultaneously."


All eyes were on Joan Wind . . . who's 73 years old.  Joan wasn't actually PLANNING to twerk yesterday.  She was doing some shopping at Macy's when she saw the crowd.


But that doesn't mean she's an amateur by any means.  She says she saw someone twerking two or three YEARS ago . . . and was pretty happy with the results when SHE tried doing it in front of a mirror!!!


While you may think 'twerking' is gross, especially for a 73 year old, check out what Mrs. Wind told reporters: 'most people my age are sitting on park benches and counting pigeons, I just chase them.'


Twerking or no twerking, this lady is living life to the fullest.....


By the way, if you really want to see her 'twerk' forward to the :23 second mark.