If you aren't planning to do at least one of these activities this summer in Atlantic City, you're doing it wrong. When you come to AC, many automatically think of the casinos, boardwalk, and fancy restaurants as being the main attractions, and while this is accurate, there are so many more activities to see and do by the coast!

Check out our list of 7 things you MUST do in Atlantic City this summer.

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    Helicopter Ride

    This awesome and exciting ride will be available all summer long in Atlantic City. Jump aboard for incredible aerial views of the coast line! Pictures are also available for purchase after the ride.

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    Jet Ski

    Why not go journey around the city by jet ski? Enjoy the thrill of "driving" on water with your friends and family this summer. Hey, you can even get a little competitive and race them to your lunch spot!

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    Paddle Boarding

    Want a relaxing way to explore AC this summer? Paddle boarding is just the activity for you! Trust us, it's not all that difficult, though it does require a bit of balance to get going.

  • Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    Beach Yoga

    Breathe in the fresh salt water air with beach yoga! The atmosphere always plays a big role in keeping the mind a body relaxed as your instructor teaches you amazing stretches to get you through your day. Let the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach be your soundtrack.

  • Paula Bronstein, Getty Images
    Paula Bronstein, Getty Images


    If you're seeking big thrills at the Jersey Shore this summer, we have an activity with your name on it!  Parasailing is probably the closest you can come to skydiving over the water, and it's an amazing way to cruise the coastline! Pictures are also available for purchase so don’t miss out.

  • Francois Durand, Getty Images
    Francois Durand, Getty Images

    Booze Cruise / Boat Ride

    Whether it’s an all adult booze cruise or a family fun filled boat ride, in Atlantic City this activity is relaxing as it is exciting. Imagine the relaxing sound of the waves with the sunrise/sunset beaming down on you. What better way to spend the day in AC?

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    Observation Deck Pictures

    The Observation Deck in the Atlantic City Playground Pier is an amazing place to take family portraits or even couple selfies. It’s one of the most picturesque places in the city to capture memories and enjoy remarkable views of the sun along the coast.

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