Memorial Day Weekend is only two weeks away. Here in South Jersey that means it is the unofficial/official kickoff to summer. Without looking at a calendar, or feeling the temperature, you can tell when summer is arriving with a few changes in South Jersey.

I asked listeners what are some of the signs that summer is almost here in South Jersey and they hit the nail on the head with their responses.

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    Courtney in CMCH said seeing Shoobies is a sign summer is almost here in South Jersey. Accurate. Once you start seeing a big increase in out of state (Pennsylvania) or out of country (Canada) license plates, you know summer is almost here.

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    Laughing Gulls

    Thank you to Diana in Absecon for this one. I heard my first laughing gull a few weeks ago and my body did not know how to react. Part of my was happy to hear it because that means summer is not far off. The other part of me cringed thinking of all of the food I've lost to those birds.

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    Ice Cream Stands Open

    Ice cream is great any time of the year, but it's even better in the summer. As summer gets closer all of the ice cream stands are opening up. Thank you to Samantha from Hammonton for calling in with this one.

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    Traffic does get a little hectic when the summer arrives here in South Jersey. Thanks to Jamie in Cape May Court House for calling with this answer.

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    Nick was in Wildwood dealing with gnats, which is something that we all experience in the summer. It is particularly not enjoyable walking through a swarm of them, which is sometimes unavoidable.

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    Greenhead Flies

    Speaking of bugs... Greenhead flies are the worst. They are also a surefire way to know that summer is on its way.

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    Traffic Lights

    We are at the time of year where the traffic lights turn from blinking to turned on. Mark from Somers Point called in and said that he knows it's almost summer when the traffic lights on Atlantic Ave. in Margate get turned on.

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    Seasonal Restaurants

    Diane from the Villas called in and said that you know it's summer in South Jersey when all of the seasonal restaurants open up.